I love to sew, mainly quilts and bags. I am 62, married to Fred and have one son, Matthew who is 24. I enjoy embroidery and applique and prefer to machine piece and quilt my projects. I love my vintage Singer sewing machines especially my Featherweight 222K. I've recently started collecting Miniature Sewing Machines, three Essex and one Singer 20 and a Vulcan Countess. My love of sewing I believe comes from my Grandmother - I still have the drawings she made for me to embroider on tea towels many many years ago!

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Hi everyone,

Just in case I'm one of the unlucky ones (and I may well be, as my email a/c is closed down at present) - please ignore any email that comes from my address as of yesterday.  Telstra Big Pond has been having HUGE problems which has meant that many email addresses have been compromised.  So, if you HAVE received anything from me that sounds suspicious, please delete it.  Also, if you have been wondering why I haven't returned any email from you ---- now you know why!  Nothing in, nothing out!  Oh, and this may have also affected my gmail a/c as well, so for now I'm not sending anything from either account.

I'll be back with a sewing related post later!  such a busy time at present with Christmas parties and lunches and morning teas and dinners.....  yep, diet starts New Year!!



  1. Helen, it is the pits when your email is down. We get so dependent on all that modern age stuff. Last night our dish washer gave up the ghost. Bob and I washed up by hand. Kinda like the old days. Fun.
    Thank you for the parcel. More later. Have a happy Christmas. Pam K.

  2. hope it sorts out soon....

  3. Sorry, hope it gets resolved soon...

  4. Mmmm we are soooo reliant on IT - I feel like my right arm's been cut off when I can't access the computer and messages!