I love to sew, mainly quilts and bags. I am 62, married to Fred and have one son, Matthew who is 24. I enjoy embroidery and applique and prefer to machine piece and quilt my projects. I love my vintage Singer sewing machines especially my Featherweight 222K. I've recently started collecting Miniature Sewing Machines, three Essex and one Singer 20 and a Vulcan Countess. My love of sewing I believe comes from my Grandmother - I still have the drawings she made for me to embroider on tea towels many many years ago!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Here Chicky Chicky, Here Chicky Chicky

and YES, I have put a label on the back,
but I can't show you just yet......
after tomorrow!

Yes folks!!  I actually have a QUILT FINISHED for 2011!!!!!

Yes, I know!   a long time coming:-)   I completed the binding yesterday - all done on my machine using THIS method.  If you have followed my blog for some time, you will know that I absolutely L.O.V.E. this method.  It makes for a very child friendly and mummy friendly quilt too - goes in the wash with no problems and no fear of the binding coming adrift!  Actually, I washed and tumble dried this quilt today - as I use cotton wadding, it was dry in no time!  I added a colour catcher in the wash just in case, but there was no colour run so that's good!  I like to wash my applique quilts before I hand them over, just to make sure my stitching stays where it is supposed to - plus on this one I had used a dark blue thread for the little chickee legs and I was worried that it would "blurr" but it's all good!!!

MH is delivering this one tomorrow so then I can show you the label!

So now what?   Well, as I type I have the Royal Critters quilt on the sewing table - putting the sashing strips on tonight so who knows????  yet another 2011 finish might be on the horizon!!!

Happy Sewing!! 


  1. Your quilt is so adorable! Congrats on a wonderful first finish for 2011 :)

  2. congratulations . It is beautiful.

  3. I really like your Chickey quilt and I am sure the recipient will too.
    I always machine stitch bindings for all quilts except special adult ones.

  4. Now that's a quilt that brings a smile to my face! So cheerful, so lovely!

  5. Really cute quilt and I'll have to try your binding technique on my next project.

  6. Lovely, sweet quilt! Congratulations with the finish!

    Best wishes,

  7. That is the cutest quilt ever!!