I love to sew, mainly quilts and bags. I am 62, married to Fred and have one son, Matthew who is 24. I enjoy embroidery and applique and prefer to machine piece and quilt my projects. I love my vintage Singer sewing machines especially my Featherweight 222K. I've recently started collecting Miniature Sewing Machines, three Essex and one Singer 20 and a Vulcan Countess. My love of sewing I believe comes from my Grandmother - I still have the drawings she made for me to embroider on tea towels many many years ago!

Sunday, 10 October 2010


I've just finished making the Toiletries Pouch from the
{Make} A Bag Sew Along

Quite happy with how it turned out and certainly will make more of these!

They would make nice gifts for some of my sewing friends..... a handy bag to store a Rotary Cutter, spare blades etc etc

Hope you're having a super day!


  1. Great work Helen! I'm going to try something like this, when I get time! The colours are really pretty!

  2. This looks fabulous. I'm having toiletry bag envy. Actually I'm a dunce at bags fullstop ( I suspect I have mentioned this before )

    I need to learn to get over my bag o phobia.

    I really need to learn how to sew a zip but the truth is they scare the crud out of me. I have zip-phobia too.

  3. Helen, It looks great and you did an wonderful job creating the patchwork. I love it. You should have a giveaway with one of these. Mine went really well when I had one for a small pouch like this! Steph

  4. I love this back,
    So you got the siggy virus, and also the bag o phobia, I love that
    Your siggy will be in the post tomorrow.
    Greetings Johanna
    As soon as I receive the price I will write about you and your quilt and siggy

  5. That is so cute! You are absolutely so talented. I might have to make a couple of those for Christmas gifts. Keep an eye on your mail, you should get something soon.

  6. Great job on the bag! Very cute!

  7. The bag is so cute. I haven't tried a zipper in a small bag yet. I love the ballerina t-shirt too.