I love to sew, mainly quilts and bags. I am 62, married to Fred and have one son, Matthew who is 24. I enjoy embroidery and applique and prefer to machine piece and quilt my projects. I love my vintage Singer sewing machines especially my Featherweight 222K. I've recently started collecting Miniature Sewing Machines, three Essex and one Singer 20 and a Vulcan Countess. My love of sewing I believe comes from my Grandmother - I still have the drawings she made for me to embroider on tea towels many many years ago!

Monday, 30 November 2009


Last week I received another Siggy Block..... Thank You Cuny! I love your Siggy. My block is on its' way to you.

It's been a quiet few days, our internet has been down (yes, that's why you haven't heard from me!) and the weather has been so hot that sewing just seemed out of the question. I have been working on more of my Siggy Blocks and of course, B.B's Beach Quilt.

This coming Friday my boy breaks up from school - around 8 weeks of holidays loom before us!! Oh joy:-) We are having one week at the Gold Coast which should be enjoyable. Last time we tried to get away for a week, we ended up staying home so I'm hoping that nothing upsets our plans this time. I will, of course, be taking huge amounts of sewing with me and only a small amount of sewing will actually get done - but it's always nice to have something to hand, just in case it rains (not likely).

My next project to get back into is the Black & White with Brights Baby Quilt. I think I have built up the stash to a reasonable size - I should be able to come up with enough variations on the block. The other quilt I am very keen to start working on is my own Flea Market Boxes. I bought heaps of fabric for it at the Craft Show.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Love your siggy block Helen, I have joined, so awaiting instructions. Here's hoping your plans are not upset this time. Its always good to take some form of sewing with you on holidays... for just in case!! Happy Quilting..

  2. What are you doing with black and white. I did one black and white snails trail and I want to do more. I may not get to it until after the holidays.

  3. really cool this siggy.I love it. hugs Alessandra